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ROM-E Festivali’nde XEV

ROM-E Festivali’nde XEV

Sustainable mobility is an essential part of achieving the 2050 climate neutrality target. XEV is committed to making concrete and significant contributions to Europe’s carbon neutralization. With Eni, we are going to implement our innovative battery swapping service – Battery Xchange, in a selected number of Eni service stations. From 2022, the YOYO zero emission city car will become part of the Enjoy fleet, Eni’s car sharing service, which has over one million subscribers. This collaboration with Eni will accelerate the transition to a green and smart urban mobility future, in keeping with the urgent need to create a better urban living space for everyone.

ROM-E, the beginning of a new era for the eternal city

At the ROM-E festival, XEV and Eni presented the zero emission and intelligent urban mobility solution: the YOYO and the battery xchange cabinet.

Presenting our initiative collaboration in Rome is strongly symbolic. Rome is a cornerstone of European civilization and we celebrate together that ‘the eternal city’ has entered a new era of ecological sustainability and is transforming.

This is a starting step toward bringing our innovative mobility solution to more cities, accelerating Europe’s full-entry into a more sustainable future.
The YOYO is an all-electric city car which is agile, energetic and simple to manovre and park in crowded cities. Thanks to XEV’s forward-thinking approach to technology, the YOYO is also designed with swappable batteries. This allows you to have a new set of fully charged batteries in just a few minutes l, instead of waiting for hours to recharged. This smart mobility solution is targeted to benefit the public, as well as large companies who want to convert their fleets to e-cars.

The partnership between XEV and Eni aims to make the experience of electric car sharing even easier and faster, and will allow as many people as possible to benefit from a more sustainable urban mobility solution. This initiative signals XEV’s contribution not only to increase the use of electric cars, but also optimize personal mobility and energy efficiency.